TCTCI Occupational Therapists

We are fortunate to have a super-amazing team of experienced and caring occupational therapists that are excited to work with your child at TCTCI.  Many of our occupational therapists have over 25-plus years experience in pediatrics and are certified in sensory integration or have taken advanced sensory courses, feeding, and motor development.  We are also trained in the Interactive Metronome,  Integrated Listening Systems (iLs), Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), and SOS Feeding.

Left to Right: Sarah Grych, Mary Kilgore, Susan Zapf Elizabeth Arizpe, & Sarah Molina
Missing: Sonja Halvorson & Marie Woods-Petitti


Sarah Grych:

About Mrs. Sarah G:I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful dogs. While I am a recent OT grad, I have gained pediatric experience though various jobs and volunteer opportunities and I love working with children! My favorite things to do is spend time with my family, try new restaurants, and go for walks with my husband. I love chocolate, pigs, and the color yellow.

If I had a Superpower, it would be teleportation so that I could travel the world.

My favorite sensory activity in the clinic: is creating an obstacle course out of swings and pretending like the floor is lava!





Mary Kilgore:

About Mrs. Mary: I have been an OT for 40 years!! Never a dull moment. I have a daughter who is also an OT and I have 2 step-sons, 2 granddaughters, 2 cats and a dog and a wonderful husband. My favorite place to visit is Scotland and Ireland. Although I did hike down the Grand Canyon with my daughter and her friend and mom a couple of years ago, and that was pretty awesome.

If I had a Superpower: I would be able to stop meltdowns before they started!! In the meantime I will work with a toolbox of activities to assist.

My favorite sensory activity at the clinic: It changes depending on my day and client. But I do like kinetic sand, which seems creative and calming. Obstacle courses are always fun especially as my clients can be so creative with making them.





Dr. Susan A. Zapf:

 About “Mrs. Sue”: I am the owner and fearless leader of TCTCI team! I have been providing pediatric therapy services to children and their families in the Clear Lake area for over 25 years. In fact, my first clinical pediatric rotation was under “Mary Basich (my Mentor) at TCTCI and I fell in love with the clinic philosophy. I am Board Certified in Pediatrics through AOTA, and I have advanced clinical training in sensory integration, the Integrated Listening Systems, Samonas, Safe & Sound Protocol, SOS Feeding Program. I also lead the Social Buddy groups and I always have fun hanging out with my buddies! I have been blessed to be married  to Joe (for over 30 years), and I have two wonderful “adult” sons: Chris and Josh (TCTCI Theatre Director), and two super-cute dogs: Clara (TCTCI Therapy Dog) and Buddy. I love animals, horseback riding, hiking in nature, traveling, and musical theatre. I enjoy traveling with my family to national parks, and my favorite places to travel were Alaska and Salzburg, Austria.

If I had a Superpower: I would chose the ability to fly. I could fly anywhere I want to go while getting my sensory input and defying gravity as I float on the air; of course with a few 360 spins just for fun!

My Favorite Sensory Activity at TCTCI:  I am a sensory seeker so I love the “Helicopter Swing” and a Good Game of Bumper Cars!



Sarah Molina:

About Ms. Sarah M:  I grew up in San Antonio, TX, but now I call the Friendswood area my new home. I have been an OT for almost 2 years. My favorite place to visit is any place with great food! I loves to dance (I’m a Hip Hopper) and I LOVE to eat chocolate!!

If I had a Superpower: I would teleport anywhere in the world.

My Favorite Sensory Activity at TCTCI:  Skating in Shaving Cream.





Elizabeth Arizpe



About Mrs. Elizabeth: Content Coming Soon







Sonja Halvorson:

About Mrs. Sonja (image coming soon): I have been working as an OT for 30 years. I love to travel!! I like traveling to Europe and anywhere there is nature and amazing food!  I am blessed to have a wonderful family, which includes my husband Pete, son Zach and daughter Marissa. I also enjoy playing keyboards in my church worship band. I am training my dog Fia to hopefully become a therapy dog some day soon.

If I had a Superpower: I would choose teleportation!

My favorite sensory activities include getting messy, like skating in shaving cream, and playing with mud or sand.


Marie Wood-Petitti:

About Marie Woods-Petitti (image coming soon):  I have been an occupational therapist for 20 years. I love kids and have worked with children in a variety of medical and educational settings. I have 3 “children” although they are adults living and studying in 3 wonderful cities across the U.S. Which is a good thing since I love to travel and explore different foods and culture, although Italy and anyplace with a beautiful lake or ocean is my favorite place to be.

If I had a Superpower: I would fly or zap myself to another location.

My favorite sensory activity: I also love discovering the different ways the clients and I can use the amazing equipment in the clinic to take us wherever our imagination goes.




About TCTCI Speech and Language Pathologists

We are fortunate to have a super-awesome team of speech and language pathologists excited to work with your child at TCTCI. Many of our speech therapists have over 15-25 years experience in  providing speech and language therapy in both the private and school setting. Our therapists are highly trained in treating language and articulation disorders.

Speech and Language Pathologists
Jen Brennaman, Caroline Jones, Claire Dill, Dell Mackey, Kim Stocker, Patti Boudreaux, Laurie Gibbs


About Our TCTCI Office Staff

We are fortunate to have a caring office team at TCTCI that take pride in working with your family on the intake process, scheduling, and billing services.

Our Office staff include:

Dana Kenney: Office Manager, Insurance/Billing, Intake

Christine Nevrla: Front Office Assistant and Insurance Authorizations

Marissa Halvorson: Front Office Assistant and Intake


Our Mission

Providing the children and families of this community with the highest quality pediatric therapy services in order to help each child reach their ultimate potential to function in all aspects of daily life.


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