A Sensory Lifestyle

by Mar 21, 2016Sensory

A sensory lifestyle is an individualized plan to incorporate various sensory experiences provided throughout the day to help your child stay focused and organized. Children are different, as are their sensory needs. Some sensory experiences are more stimulating, while others are more calming, so it is important to keep in mind what the child needs at that time. Sensory lifestyles are geared to address seven different senses– five external senses (tactile/touch, taste, smell, visual, and auditory) and two internal senses (proprioception and vestibular).

As occupational therapists, we do our best to “feed” your child’s sensory system what it needs when they come into session, but our ultimate goal is help a child learn what their body needs as well as teaching parents to determine based a child’s sensory needs based on their behavior and demeanor. By providing various sensory experiences throughout the day, your child will be better able to explore and manipulate their environment, thereby increasing their ability to engage socially, participate in school activities, grow and participate in age-appropriate play and activities, and feel safe and comfortable in common environments.

Make sure to talk to your therapist about a sensory lifestyle plan for your child.

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