Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances are we providers for?

We take BCBS, Aetna, and UHC. We do service Tricare (as an Out of Network Provider)See the insurance providers page for the latest information.

What do we need to do to make an appointment for an evaluation/treatment?

The process starts with filling out a parent packet which we can mail or can be picked up at the center. Once we get it back, we will call insurance to get a quote of benefits, then call the client to go over the insurance benefits & line up a day/time of the week that will work for regular therapy. The client’s paperwork will then be passed on to the therapist who will call & schedule the first appointment.

How long does it take to get scheduled for an appointment?

The process usually takes about 2-3 weeks depending upon how many new client packets we are working on & the availability of openings.

Can an evaluation done by someone else be used?

If it was done within the last 6 months it can often times be used. The client can bring in a copy or fax it to us. Then we will let the therapist look it over & let the client know if it is sufficient for their purposes.

How long do the therapy sessions last?

OT & PT sessions last 1 hour. Speech Therapy lasts a 1/2 hour unless the client has UHC, which requires 45 min to 1 hour sessions.

What are the different therapies you offer and can you explain a little bit about what they do in the session?

We offer Occupational and Speech Therapy Sessions. The therapist plans your child’s session based on your child’s treatment plan. A variety of “fun” therapy activities are used to promote skills development so that your child can achieve their goals.

Can I go with my child or do I need to stay in the waiting room?

This is dependent on how your child engages in therapy with the parent present; therefore, you will need to ask your therapist. The occupational therapists encourage parent participation in the session so that parents can follow through with home activities. 

Can I leave to run errands?

You can but we prefer you to stay here in case your child needs to go to the bathroom or if the Therapist needs you for any reason. If a parent decides to go, we need to have a phone number so that we can reach them.

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