Interactive Metronome

Interactive MetronomeInteractive Metronome (IM) is a brain-based, multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment tool that has been shown, in clinical research, to improve the neurological functions of motor planning and sequencing. Motor planning and sequencing are core functions of the brain. They determine the simple ability to reach out for a glass of water, take notes while listening to a presentation, walk smoothly, or arrange words in a sentence so that speech makes sense. These and many other everyday functions result from the ability to motor plan and sequence.

The Interactive Metronome offered at TCTCI uses an intensive model to address issues with motor praxis, timing, coordination, and attention. Research studies have identified the following benefits from subjects participating in the Intensive IM sessions:

  • Attention and concentration
  • Auditory processing
  • Cognitive processing
  • Motor control
  • Coordination
  • Reading and math fluency
  • Language processing
  • Executive functions
  • Control of aggression/impulsivity


Every parent of a young special needs child hopes to someday find that miracle. From infancy my son did numerous therapies with slight progress in some form. For us, the Interactive Metronome (IM) was our miracle. Not only did it increase his focus and concentration but his IM sessions gave him many other neurological advances. Now my son uses the IM Home unit as a home exercise program on a regular basis. He continues to show progress across in attention, focus, social skills, and executive function.  The Interactive Metronome has helped him to be more successful and independent than we were told was ever possible!

Jake's Family

Click the image above to hear how the Interactive Metronome has impacted Liam’s Progress.

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