Potty Training

If you’re anything like me, this is one of those subjects that brings about mixed emotions. We know we need to encourage independence in the bathroom, but it’s not so easy for many of our kids, especially those that are already late in reaching developmental milestones.

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Interactive Metronome

This blog is about what the Interactive Metronome program is about, who it can help and how it works. I come from a position of bias towards this program because I have been using it for years, truly love it and have seen big changes in the people who go through the program.

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Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)

If you have been in our clinic, you may have seen some children or therapists walking around with a fanny pack and headphones on. The Integrated Listening Systems consist of cutting edge technology we are using to help our clients achieve their goals along with other activity, depending on their needs.

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Sleep Wonderful Sleep

We all know how important sleep is. And let’s face it: if your child isn’t sleeping, neither are you. You know how awful you feel when you don’t get your sleep. How about those days after, by some miracle, you actually got a full night of sleep?

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The Importance of Play

Most of us know that children need time to play. What is a child’s “occupation” if not play and learning? But how much unstructured time do they get in their lives? There are magical moments to be had in this unplanned unguided time.

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Visual Perception

What is visual perception? Why should I be concerned about it? What does this have to do with my child and development? This blog will answer these questions and give you an understanding of how visual perception difficulties can impact your child’s function.

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Executive Function

It’s an interesting term, Executive Function, but it does not refer to how a business person gets along. Executive function refers to the higher level skills the brain performs in order to change your own behavior. This is the part of the brain that helps us behave appropriately in a variety of situations, that helps us solve the everyday problems of our lives, that helps us get along with others.

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The Tactile System

The tactile system keeps us safe by telling our brain if something is too sharp, too hot, or otherwise dangerous. It is the sense that lets us reach into our pocketful of change and choose a quarter without looking. The tactile system helps us know that the ground is safe for walking and that a duckling is so soft. These experiences are stored in our brain and are part of what help children learn about their world and how to interact with it.

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Motor Planning

Have you heard the term motor planning? Or perhaps you’ve heard the word praxis. They mean the same thing, the ability of a person to assess a situation and figure out how to complete a task in a coordinated manner.

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The Proprioceptive System

This article will discuss the importance of the system that helps us detect where our body is in space and how we are moving.

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The Vestibular System

In past blogs we have referred to a sensory lifestyle. Now let’s delve deeper into the various sensory systems of the body that we target starting with the Vestibular System.

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A Sensory Lifestyle – Part 2

As was discussed in our last blog, a sensory lifestyle can be very beneficial for your child. You should discuss details of what would work best for your child and situation with your child’s therapist.

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In pediatric therapy, we often discuss the importance of self-regulation. What IS “self-regulation”? And how do we help our children gain this skill? What can I do at home?

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A Sensory Lifestyle

A sensory lifestyle is an individualized plan to incorporate various sensory experiences provided throughout the day to help your child stay focused and organized. Children are different, as are their sensory needs.

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